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A faster, easier and better experience.

The Smirnov Electronics Stompbox is custom designed software for your Mac. It is specially created to ease the tasks of programming and configuring your WhammyD 2. It extends the capabilities of the pedal. Due to the unique synchronisation system with a fully automated determination of the controller, which is implemented in Stompbox, your Mac and WhammyD 2 turn into a single system with limitless possibilities of creating brand new sounds.

More control.

Now your WhammyD 2 is an open book! Check the version number and serial number EPeOS right on the screen of your Mac. You can change MIDI- channel, SysEx ID, turn on or off any option of the WhammyD 2 lightning fast. Switch the controller between any of the supported Digitech Whammy models with a single touch, glance at each preset and find the precise tempo generated by the pedal with the MIDI Timing Clock.

Smirnov Electronics Stompbox

More clarity.

Now you can see whole preset in a convenient way. Replace any step of a preset the way you like, check the result on the go, repeat it over and over again, apply changes, save the result in the memory of your Mac or directly to your WhammyD 2 controller. Change the current preset number and press all the buttons of the controller remotely - right in the Stompbox window.

Smirnov Electronics Stompbox

More opportunities.

Discover new opportunities with your WhammyD 2. Only with the help of the Stompbox can you create new types of random arpeggios. Just change the type of notes on “Random Arpeggio Note” and the WhammyD 2 will play the arpeggio notes in a random order.

Smirnov Electronics Stompbox

More sounds.

Your WhammyD 2 can simultaneously store up to 56 presets for each of the supported Digitech Whammy models. That isn’t enough? Create a Stompbox presets store for the WhammyD 2 in the infinite memory of your Mac. You can create dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of your and only your presets and download them to the controller in just a few gestures of the track pad.

Concentrate on the music and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Check out a bunch of ready-made sounds for your WhammyD 2 via the constantly replenished on-line store of Pandora. Be inspired, download and save them to your Mac or your WhammyD 2. Take the endless possibilities to create new sounds into your hands. Don’t be afraid to mess up with the factory presets - you can always download the serial device profile from Pandora right into your pedal, and return to factory preset settings.

MIDI-channel? What is this?

Forget about setting up MIDI. Don’t pollute your brain with numbers of MIDI - channels. Simply connect the output USB <-> MIDI- interface to the MIDI- input WhammyD2, and the input of USB <-> MIDI- interface to the MIDI- output (OUT / THRU) of WhammyD2, and run the Stompbox. Concentrate on the music, all the technical issues will taken over by Stompbox.

And the best part..

The Smirnov Electronics Stompbox is absolutely free. Just download it and start discovering new facets of your WhammyD 2.

Download Smirnov Electronics Stompbox right now.

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